Clarification on Snapins, How/When They Run?

  • FOG 1.5.3
    CentOS 7.5

    I have created a snapin that is a batch file. I have 3 hosts placed in a group. I have within the group went to snapins and added the snapin as an available snapin. I can on each of the 3 hosts in the FOG gui see that they have the snapin as available.

    So my question is, do snapins run automatically, do they need to be run manually, are they run a single time or run on some sort of schedule?

    The snapin/batch file I created I want to only run one time on this group, essentially right after deploying to them. I wasnt sure if the snapin was kicked off by the deployment process automatically, in which case does the FOG client do things like domain join and change hostname prior to running my snapin?

    Otherwise I presume I manually run the snapin on the host/group from the tasks menu?

    Any clarification on if its automated or manual, 1 time or repeating would be helpful. Thanks

  • @wayne-workman Ok cool, I will look into it, Thank you.

  • @zer0cool said in Clarification on Snapins, How/When They Run?:

    Anyone able to weigh in on the permissions FOG client/snapins have?

    All snapins run as the local SYSTEM user, so scripts that normally work as administrator might not work as system. There’s a whole lot of threads on the forums about this, probably just put this into google’s search engine to find them all: "snapin" + "system"

  • Ok things are starting to get more clear in terms of how snapins work. Anyone able to weigh in on the permissions FOG client/snapins have?

  • @zer0cool said in Clarification on Snapins, How/When They Run?:

    I haven’t found any evidence of having snapins run on a schedule,

    You can schedule them - that’s called a delayed deployment.

  • @zer0cool Snapins are run when you deploy an image to a pc automatically. You can manually deploy a snapin by going to the host menu then selecting the hosts and clicking basic tasks. From there you can click on Advanced and then click on All Snapins or single Snapin.

  • @wayne-workman I have gone through both and unless I am missing something neither speaks to how often they run or when really.

    As far as I can tell after testing and researching on google they appear to run after the machine boots and the typical FOG client post deployment events happen (domain join, Windows activation, etc) if you have added them to the host/group. They also appear to run once.

    As far as I can tell, when using multiple snapins for a host/group they run in order by name (of the snapin). So naming conventions like; 1-snapin, 2-snapin, 3-snapin, etc…can allow one to determine the order they run in.

    I haven’t found any evidence of having snapins run on a schedule, so it seems they run post deployment 1 time or they can be run manually at any point post deployment.

    I would also be interested in knowing what permissions the FOG client runs these tasks with, be it the currently logged in account, a system account, elevated admin, etc. I think I glanced over this in the documentation so I will re-check it. Basically I am wondering if a local/ad account needs admin to run the post image FOG client routine and any snapins (like mine deleting a user account). Ex: the ad account I assigned FOG is not an admin, but the local account is, so if I got my batch file/snapin to login to the ad account and then try and delete the local user, would it fail?


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