Error trying to restore GPT partition tables (restorePartitionTablesAndBootLoaders)

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    Hi All,

    I’ve got an alienware17 image uploaded to fog from a new i9 (oooh!) model which has a 512GB nvme drive and a 1TB HDD. I’ve tried to deploy that image to an older i7 alienware 17 which has a 256GB nvme drive + 1TB drive and it fails with the error shown in the pic. I captured another “single disk resizeable” image from the i9 and tried to deploy it to the i7 with the same error. The OS is on the nvme drive and this is the one that it is failing when the partition table is trying to write. I can successfully deploy the images to other i9 models with the same 512GB nvme.

    Any ideas?

  • Senior Developer

    @sutra Sorry for the late reply! Can you provide the contents of d1.partitions, d1.minimum.partitions and d1.fixed_size_partitions? You find those files on your FOG server in /images/Alienware-i9-010618.

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