Imaging an Optiplex 3060

  • We have a new model we have never imaged before. We are able to push an image to it but the bios does not allow legacy boot to internal drives only UEFI boot. Has anyone been able to successfully image an Optiplex 3060?

  • @john-l-clark If your image was from a machine that was in BIOS mode and the media to initially install was BIOS media as well, then the image is being deployed to the HDD/SSD with BIOS partitioning and not UEFI boot partitions. In this case the UEFI/BIOS would not consider it a UEFI bootable device (as it has no UEFI boot partition). Presuming your image is whole disk and not a single partition.

    I have seen posts around about converting images that are BIOS to UEFI, but didnt pay much attention to them. If the process of setting up that machine with a new image isnt too much of a burden, that may be your best bet. Fresh install OS with UEFI settings/media, setup what you need and capture.

    Hope this helps

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  • I just tried that and now it says “no bootable devices” this is not like any bios I have ever seen.

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    for capture and deploying in uefi mode, reset the disk controller from raid-on to ahci mode. Once capturing and deploying is done, you can switch back to raid-on mode.

    This is a linux issue and not directly related to FOG, but its still an issue we need to work around.

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