Drop down for multiple domains in AD

  • Hello again,
    I was wondering if it’s possible to get drop downs for handling multiple domains similar to how @Tom-Elliott did in this post a while back:
    https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/10268/active-directory-ou-aliases/2 and https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/11944/how-are-you-guys-using-ou-s-within-fog/3

    Our school district has quite a few domains and I am trying to simplify things for applying settings to groups of computers. We used to have an old PC as a FOG server at each school but are now going to one large FOG server with nodes for the entire district.

  • I can work on adding a feature like this but it’s a lot of code and checks that have to go in on groups, and hosts. Perhaps, images would be better suited for ou/domain joining though i would prefer to see ou/domain management in its own format potentially as its own plugin. This, in my eyes, makes the most sense as OUs typically go with the domain being associated. The method used for the current ou system works by a single domain though you can keep in mind that hosts can be manually assigned domain/ou information. The “global” setting is just a quick way to set default information. It is by no means the only domain that can be used.

  • @wayne-workman Okay, thanks Wayne. It was just an idea since I saw that Tom had made drop downs possible for the OU’s. I saw this post by George which might work https://forums.fogproject.org/topic/7740/the-magical-mystical-fog-post-download-script/6t,
    though I think I will just do things manually until we flatten our domain since there are times when multiple domains may be on the same IP range.

  • @jflippen if you want FOG to do the domain joining, you’re going to need a ‘fog system’ per domain currently. You can probably do something special with unattend files or even snapins so you could use fog to image and then do this special stuff to join different domains - but all that is on you, fog can help but won’t do it for you.

  • @wayne-workman We are planning on flattening our domain, but we are a ways out from doing that due to other projects that need to take place first. Until then, I have to deal with 7 subdomains and multiple default OU’s for each site (office staff is on different domain than school staff). I’m just trying to prevent one of us fat fingering the wrong OU or domain with drop down menus to get us by in the meantime.

  • @jflippen I’ve asked for this before too. FOG currently only supports 1 domain per ‘fog system’. My best advice to you is to get rid of the excessive domains and have just one ‘academic’ domain. This would simplify much more than just fog.