Updating 1.5.3

  • Hi all !
    I just see the new version 1.5.3 is here, but before updating my server i have 2 questions :

    • it is better to update via git (Update to trunk) or rather to download the version with wget ? is there a difference or not ?
    • if i upgrade, will the certificate stay the same?


  • Thanks a lot guys !
    Let(s go updating ! 🙂

  • Moderator

    I don’t believe trunk branch exists anymore.

    Most users will want to pull from the master branch (latest stable version).

  • Moderator

    It is much cleaner and easier if you us the git method. The first time there is a little more work than using the tar ball, but then when new version of fog come out you just issue a git pull and then rerun the installer again. You don’t have to manually download anything or extract anything, its much easier the next time.

    Unless you completely wipe out your fog install, upgrading uses the same certificates so your clients will be happy after the upgrade too.

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