Problem joining AD after deploy

  • I’m able to deploy an image but I am getting issues joining the domain afterwards. Looking at logs, the error is a bad username or password… I ran the debugger and found out that an encrypted version of my AD password is being used. Transmitted encrypted, but not decrypted upon receipt (or being decrypted incorrectly). How do I fix this from occurring so I can properly join the domain?

    I am running:
    FOG Server version: 1.5.2 on Ubuntu Server 16.0.4 LTS
    FOG Client version: 0.11.16

  • @joe-schmitt Have tried that, actually just used a different username and password entirely and it worked. Not sure why the other password was being sent incorrectly after re-populating the field with the other credentials.

  • Senior Developer

    @foghelp I’d recommend re-entering the AD password field on the web ui. Its possible that somehow a bad copy of the password got placed in the database.

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