UNSOLVED How are you guys using OU's within FOG?

  • Is there an easy way of setting up OUs in FOG?

    I saw in a post about a year ago Tom Elliot mentioned of a “drop down” list with all the OU configurations for a host.

    Just wondering what the most efficient way to do this is and what you guys are doing.

  • OU Drop Down option is kind of confusing to setup, but it does work.

    Each OU is separated with a |

    The “default” OU is marked with a ; at the end.

    What this means is:


    Will create a dropdown of:
    with OU2 being the default selected one.

    Hopefully this helps.

    Mind you all this is is a dropdown, you still have to make the choices and update the hosts/groups in question for this to apply.

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    I’m not using OUs inside fog but through fog.

    In my company’s case we have a complex OU structure. That structure path can be calculated at imaging time. So we update the unattend.xml file with the calculated OU path and then let the unattend.xml file connect the computer to the domain and assign it to the proper OU. To complicate things a bit more, the final OU has certain GPO policies in place that keep OOBE from running correctly. So we deploy the image initially to a build up OU and then have a first login step that runs a vbscript to move the workstation from the build up OU to the final destination OU.

    Its a bit complicated but it does work very well.