UNSOLVED Get Hard disk fails on UEFI based system

  • Hey all,

    Using FOG 1.4.0 RC-8. I know, I know it’s outdated. However, I can’t get a 1709 UEFI image to capture, FOG can’t find the disk. I can however, do so on Legacy but wondering if I should be able to do so on UEFI, or if I have to use the Legacy boot option. Let me know what I can do to troubleshoot. Thanks.

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    @sarge_212 Once you have the git repo locally then when fog 1.5.3 is released you can follow my initial instructions about git pull to download the updates.

  • @george1421 Sweet, doing the initial install now via git.

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    @sarge_212 I’m not sure what you mean by get on 1.5.2.

    If you are doing a fresh install of the OS, then you will need to clone the FOG git repo to get your installer files. This wiki page will guide you to download and install FOG on a fresh system: https://wiki.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php?title=Getting_FOG

    From there you can copy your /images from the old fog server to the new fog server. And then from your old fog server export the image definitions and then import them into fog 1.5.2. The other issue you will have is if you have fog clients who connect to your old fog server. You will need to copy the ssl certificates from the old fog server to the new fog server so you can rehome the fog client machines.

  • @george1421 So, I’m doing a brand new install to start afresh. I’ll need to do some work I assume to get on 1.5.2?

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    @sarge_212 If you are using git, then change into the directory where you cloned the fog repository, depending on who’s directions you followed it may be /opt/fogproject or /root/fogproject.

    then issue:

    git pull
    cd bin

    That will rerun the installer with the last settings you selected when fog was initially installed. Just be aware with the 1.5.x versions FOG uses a new gui. Things look a little different, but definitely more contemporary in design.
    Then once 1.5.2 is installed you can upgrade to the working branch. But lets do one step at a time.

  • @george1421 Ok… how does one install to a certain version? I’d used git on the last one to update to current, but I’m not sure how to get 1.5.2 installed and then switch to the working branch? I’ll look on the forums but if you can point me in the right direction to get this installed, then 1.5.3 will be a simple upgrade.

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    @sarge_212 All I’ve been told is “Anytime Soon ™”.

    From what I understand the last time I talked with the developers, they were still chasing down a few random errors. Once they get them nailed down then they will drop the next release.

    You could upgrade to 1.5.2 it IS functional there are just a few bugs. Once on 1.5.2 then you could switch over to the working branch which will bring you up to If you needed a few of the fixes since 1.5.2.

    My position would be to still wait for 1.5.3 to drop.

  • @george1421 Any idea when 1.5.3 will be released?

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    @sarge_212 Since you have 2 questions here.

    1. Should you update fog? Short answer is yes, but I would wait until 1.5.3 is released. 1.5.2 has a few trivial issues, unless you run into them. As soon as 1.5.3 is released I would say jump on it. With 1.4.0 there are some disk imaging issue that weren’t addressed until 1.4.1, so you are living with some pain points at the moment.

    2. You have to many steps in your capture sequence. Remember I said there is a triad, change only one and it will work. So you decide which is easier for you. Develop your master image in uefi mode. When you go to capture or deploy change either disk mode to ahci then capture and deploy, reset it back before windows boots. Or switch the bios to legacy mode (leave raid-on) then capture or deploy. You only need to change one for imaging then change it back when done… or when you prep the system just change it to ahci mode and leave it there then you don’t have to mess with it again. Consider we are talking about a laptop, when would you use raid mode?

  • Would it be a good idea to update FOG? I know you all have made TONS of improvements from the version I’m on. However, it doesn’t like a FOG issue per se but a UEFI issue. So, the process I would take to image is as follows:

    Machine comes in RAID ON
    Prep machine as I want it
    Start a Capture task for the host
    sysprep, then on reboot change to AHCI, Legacy mode and capture
    After that, capture image
    Deploy or just reboot
    Before booting up, change back to RAID ON

    ?? Does that sound like the right process?

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    @sarge_212 If you are getting FOS to load (reguardless if it can see your hard drive) then you have the right uefi boot kernel. iPXE is only in memory long enough to get bzImage and init.zx to start, then iPXE is unloaded from memory. The point is iPXE kernel has no impact once FOS starts.

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    @sarge_212 Try ipxe.efi first, then give snp.efi and snponly.efi a try.

  • @george1421 I should be able to use any .efi file, correct? OR should it be a specific efi file? Right now I think I’m using a hacked together one from @Tom ages ago so I will most likely be upgrading FOG shortly.

  • @george1421 That is the process I was looking for. I’ll attempt that and let you know. Thanks @george1421 !!

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    @sarge_212 said in Get Hard disk fails on UEFI based system:


    That is smoking new hardware. There may be things that the FOG developers don’t know about that hardware. So I may be off base with this. But to capture and deploy with fog, all that you should need to do out of the box (so to speak), boot into the firmware change secure boot off, disk mode to ahci mode, enable network stack in uefi firmware. PXE boot and capture or deploy.

  • Switched to RAID on and got an “inaccessible boot device” interestingly enough. This is a latitude 7490 from factory with a few tweaks and then me trying to upload to be able to deploy. I’m fine if I have to update FOG, that’s not a problem but wondering if this can be avoided in the future or what process I should take to capture and deploy with this UEFI/linux issue?

  • So,

    Windows just booted up and I got the famous “windows cannot complete the installation, please reinstall” or some such. Thoughts? Would switching back to Raid On fix this issue and allow windows to boot properly?

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    @sarge_212 Just to be clear, the issue is linux kernel + uefi + raid-on mode where the issue is. If you change any one of the triad FOG can capture/deploy (well except the linux part).

  • @george1421 Very interesting. I just switched to legacy and captured the “master sysprepd” image as it were. BEFORE booting into the os, I changed from RAID-ON to AHCI. I’ll let you know what happens in a few minutes as I suspected the RAID-on vs AHCI deal. Thanks.