Successful domain add, but can't login after deploying XP

  • We have a FOG server setup and has been great so far. Windows 7 PCs image and deploy fine with AD integration.

    I am running into an issue with out XP machines that image fine, and appear to add to the domain fine but they do not let anyone log in.

    On the login screen I can see that our domain is there and the computer name was changed correctly.

    The fog log after imaging doesn’t display any errors except that the computer was already found in the directory. Which I thought I wouldn’t want to delete since I want to it go back to that specific OU.

    Am I missing something?

    the computer adds to the domain fine after I remove it from the initial add (after fogging), reboot and then FOG client readds it and it works. also we are running FOG 0.32

  • Moderator

    If the machine was in the domain before you reimaged, then you’ll need to reset the computer account or delete the computer account before you can add it back as the same name.

    If you have computers in specific OU’s, then you can just reset the computer accounts and the domain adds should work.