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    Is there a way to mount an image in windows?


  • If you have a way of getting the raw images access from the client, after imaging, via NFS or SMB share, then you should be able to mount the images with OSFMount in Windows.
    Not tested yet.

  • Ah ok now I see. You are wanting to actually back up files before a reinstall/refresh of the OS onto the customers PC. ok and I can see why you’d want to get into the image… I presume it’s to put the customers files on with the computer refresh.

    What I’d be inclined to do if I were you is just set up a samba share somewhere on your network and back up customer files to it. I know its not the solution you wanted but other than using a Live linux CD, mounting the shares on the network and then copying customer data that way its all that springs to mind right now. You could perhaps write a snapin for fog that copies customer data to and from the server you save the data to, but that would require you to be using the fog client to automate it.

    I dont know how practical it is to make the customer responsible for their own data but the shop I used to work at as a technician many years ago had a policy on customer data that did just that. And jobs that came in where a customer needed someone to save their personal data was billed as a seperate item. Again, dont know how practical that is but its all that springs to mind 🙂

  • As i said before i have a shop that customers come to fix their pc. Sometimes i need to make a fast backup and then format the pc. With fog i can easily make an universal image and make the formats but this is the 50% of the job. The other thing is to restore the files they had. So i was thinking if i had a way to mount or read the image from windows, i would just copy the image back to the computer and let clients restore what ever files they want.

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  • I’m not sure I can see why you’d need to do that George? I may have misunderstood the point to your question but I figured you were perhaps a little confused as to how the system worked. Apologies if I was mistaken. What is the end goal? I’m just trying to understand what you hope to achieve and perhaps I might then have some more suggestions.

  • Hi Matt

    Thanks for your reply. I have already installed fog and i like it a lot. It would be perfect if i could mount the images from windows. If you have an idea how to do that i would appreciated.


  • I used to use Clonezilla for this. I switched to Fog for practical reasons as I run a small network in a college department for a cisco academy, but before I used Fog I’d been using Clonezilla server. I think what you probably need to look into is setting up a TFTP server for PXE boot and installing Clonezilla for PXE. If you want to keep it real simple just get a CD burned of clonezilla and use that to back up to an SMB share, ssh account or whatever.

    If you can however invest the time, I think you’ll find that Fog can be very beneficial to you. Once set up there is an option on PXE boot that will allow machines to be registered on the system (Full inventory) that will not only allow the client PC to upload its current OS once the system knows of its existence, but it will also allow you to keep a record of that machines inventory. Most of the functionality of Fog would probably not be of real interest to you in that environment but since its quick imaging you’re after your in luck… Fog is brilliant at that, and very easy to set up. There are a number of guides around that people have written. I would suggest (and this is from plenty of experience over the summer playing with a Fog set up) that you start by getting yourself a copy of Ubuntu Server 10.04 and then grabbing Fog 0.32

    I’ve found that putting this version of Fog on that particular version of Ubuntu is the most stable combination. And I’ve tried a few out.

    If you need help with it there are plenty of people here that are more than willing to lend a hand. Me included.

    Hope this helps.

  • In partimage site they say that it is not possible to do that in windows.:(

  • Well good idea but in my situation it is not so good. So let me explain what i want to do. I have a small store for repairing, upgrading pc and i want a way to backup with fog then restore with a universal image and copy the image back to the computer. if i had a way to mount the old image in windows, clients will have an easy way to restore their files.

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    virtualbox on windows running a linux VM?

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    Thanks for the reply can you suggest a program that can mount partimage files. I have searched in google and i did not found something for windows. Only for linux


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    yes. get a program that can read/mount partimage files and enable NFS client on windows and you’re golden.