mySql help - query to set a storage node max clients to '1' instead of 0

  • Hi All,
    Massive fan, first time poster -be gentle.
    In a horrible rush (aren’t we all these days) and I’m hoping someone with MySQL query experience can help me avoid some serious rework I can’t afford mid-project.
    I’m running 1.5.1 on a main server, with 10 storage nodes connected on sites with horrible bandwidth. The main server only provides pxe boot, using location plugin & wolbroadcast plugins to utilize node inits/kernals.
    Anyway - after a server crash I rebuilt on 1.5.1 (I suspected 1.5.2 created some trouble for me - my bad - rushing).
    I also was seeing some ‘odd’ behavior with location plugin - which resolved itself fine and I’m not concerned about.
    However - my real issue is due to the odd behavior I witnessed, I thought - lets just make the default storage node not able to support any client connections for imaging, just in case - thus I set its max clients to 0.
    Pretty certain I’ve now run into this issue here:

    My question - can anyone supply me with a MySQL query to run to change my "default’ storage node max clients back from 0 to 2 (or some real number) so I can then view my storage nodes again?

    I realize upgrading to 1.5.2 working branch would fix, however I’m too time poor to do that mid-project across all my nodes… I’m imaging machines at night in my spare time outside work as it is…

    Any help much appreciated for the MySQL noobie.

  • Legend - exactly what I needed.
    Nodes are visible and I can continue the project :D

    Where do I mark this as solved and buy you a virtual beer!

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    OK lets see if we can get you going.

    1. SU to root and then log into mysql using mysql -u root fog
    2. Issue this mysql command to list out your storage nodes.
      select ngmID, ngmMemberName, ngmMaxClients from nfsGroupMembers;
    3. You should see a results list this:
    MariaDB [fog]> select ngmID, ngmMemberName, ngmMaxClients from nfsGroupMembers; +-------+-----------------+---------------+
    | ngmID | ngmMemberName   | ngmMaxClients |
    |     1 | ATL StorageNode |            10 |
    1 row in set (0.00 sec)
    1. Collect and record the ID value of storage node in question. In this case we’ll use 1
    2. Update the following query with the proper values.
      update nfsGroupMembers set ngmMaxClients=1 where ngmID=1;
    3. Confirm that the value was set using the previous query.
      select ngmID, ngmMemberName, ngmMaxClients from nfsGroupMembers;
    4. If the number are now correct exit mysql
    5. Done.

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