How to change colors on bandwidth graph

  • Our latest update to FOG changed the color scheme on the bandwidth graph.

    With 11 devices sending and receiving this becomes incredibly confusing now:

    Where can I make a change to this color scheme?

  • Senior Developer

    In the 1.6 work I’ve made the colors a bit more dynamically generated but following the base color of the look and feel of FOG.

    You could get this level on 1.5 as well but it requires a few steps.

    1. Download this file and put in /var/www/fog/management/js/jquery.color.min.js

    2. Edit the file /var/www/fog/lib/fog/page.class.php Search for 'js/jquery.min.js', Enter a new line and enter: 'js/jquery.color.min.js', Save and close the file.

    3. Open the file /var/www/fog/management/js/fog/fog.dashboard.js.

      1. Line 434 delete
      1. Line 441 delete (442 if 434 is not deleted).
      1. Line 447 delete (449 if 434 and 441 is not deleted).
      1. Goto line 487 (490 if lines before are not deleted.)
      1. Add the following: (you can change the #3c8dbc to whatever color you’d like to start from)
    // Shading our colors.
    GraphBandwidthOpts.colors = $.map(series, function(o, i) {
        return jQuery.Color('#3c8dbc').lightness(0.7 - i / (series.length * 1.2)).toHexString();

    Save the file. You will likely need to hard refresh your browser (CTRL+SHIFT+ F5, or SHIFT+F5. I don’t know browsers are different.)

    Now you don’t have to create a color for every node you have, and the shading should be more properly aligned to signify differences.

  • @wayne-workman Thanks for that! I’ll play around with it and see what happens!

  • @neil-underwood

  • @wayne-workman I don’t need anything fancy like a gui tool in the dashboard. I just want to know which file I need to edit. Should be something in the source or config files somewhere that I can monkey with this. The old color scheme was much better when there were at least 4 or 5 different colors. The graph has to be picking from some arbitrary set of predetermined colors, no?

    When I upload an image and replication kicks off I like to be able to look at this graph and at a glance determine whether or not bandwidth rules are being obeyed. When multiple nodes have the same exact color the graph, for me at least, is pretty useless.

  • I think I asked for the ability to choose the colors before - I can’t find that old thread. If memory serves, the bandwidth chart automatically determines the colors used. I think it’d be nice to be able to pick though. I’d be using purple and pink and brown and even striped lines like brown-white (think CAT cabling).

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