UNSOLVED Group membership when adding hosts via CSV

  • I am interested in a method to add hosts to a group via CSV import. I understand from searching that there is an API method in FOG versions > 1.4.0 and have read the relevant info to add them via curl. I also know that I could achieve this by updating the SQL database. I just want to know if there is a way to do it by adding a column to the CSV for host import.

    My issue is one of lack of time (and possibly preparation) which means that both of those methods are outside of my reach with other project goals piling up. I know… should have prepared. But the way the situation is now, if it’s not possible that would be fine, because we can create the groups after importing the hosts.

    Anyway, I just wanted to post this to get a definitive answer as to whether I could add hosts to a group by importing them via CSV file with a column for group ID. I couldn’t get a definite no from the other threads I visited.

    I am on version 1.5.0

    Bonus material:

    This post is related to another post I made about a week ago:


    It regards imaging multiple hosts with the same USB-C network dongle. We have roughly 400 hosts to image and are going to do them in groups of 20. Each group of 20 will use the same dongles as the prior group. The solution that we settled on was to just upload a new CSV file for each group to update the existing host definitions. This would have meant 20 CSV files and I was hoping to prepare those ahead of time and that they could also add the hosts to a group numbered 1-20. So that the technicians doing the imaging could just go to the host group and send out a deploy task.

    Thanks for reading guys!! I look forward to any insight you may have!

  • @daniel-dillard said in Group membership when adding hosts via CSV:

    I just want to know if there is a way to do it by adding a column to the CSV for host import.

    Yes, you can. For an example CSV, do: Web GUI -> Host Management -> Export Hosts. This will give you the format. In the same area, there is an Import Hosts link that will allow you to upload a CSV.