Backing up?

  • Morning All,

    What do most people use to backup there Fog servers???

    I’v been thinking about using clonezilla or just exporting the hostlist as a .csv and i’ll just reupload that if the server was to die.

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  • I have two hard drives inside my server. One is for my primary CentOS partition and the other is for Files/Images. I have up to two full backups of my CentOS partition using Clonezilla at all times.

    Other backups - Cron script ran weekly (unless stated otherwise)

    • FOG Folders - /var/www/html/fog and /opt/fog - tar all files
    • Images - Whenever an image is added or changes, I copy it to an external hard drive (keeping old images for a period of time)
    • My tftpboot folder has not changed in over a year (I keep one backup of it, including text files on anything I modified)

  • Because my FOG server runs in virtualbox the method I use is before I do changes, I use a snapshot of the machine, and I will periodically export the whole machine to an NFS share on another server on the network. Don’t know if this is particularly helpful to you but it might give the simple idea to someone else who comes here looking at this thread who does use a VM :)

  • I also have a Raid 5 with 6 drives but they are older drives, I would be in a lot of trouble if something happened and we lost data. We have over 30 images which as you know is a lot of man hours to recreate them. I know there is a backup script that comes with the previous versions of FOG is there one for .32?

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    It really depends on how completely you use fog. Do you have a ton of snap-ins or printers being deployed?

    Because FOG is built upon other packages installed by the OS package manager, a full FOG backup is basically an entire system backup.

    You have a few main parts of FOG that you can backup to get you back in business pretty easily if the FOG server died.

    MySQL database
    /images folder
    /tftpboot folder
    /var/www/fog folder
    /opt/fog folder
    DHCPD configuration if you use it for your DHCP server

    I am fortunate to have 6 drives is a RAID 5 configuration, so the chances of losing my entire FOG configuration are smaller than someone using a spare desktop with a 500GB HDD.

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