UNSOLVED PXE to Storage Node, image deploying from different location (main fog server instead of Storage Node)

  • I have 2 linux boxes.

    IP -> (This is the main fog server. It is on “Default (1)” Storage group and is checked as master.

    IP -> (Setup and configured as Storage Node. This is unchecked as master. I am able to PXE boot to this IP, register a host, but when I deploy an image it will pull from the main FOG Server. See pic below)

    Could this possibly be because I have not allowed enough time for the images from (.112) to replicate to the Storage Node (.108)?

    It’s been about a good hour from when I successfully installed and setup the Storage Node ( so I am not 100% sure that the single image I have on (.112) has been completely transferred over.

    Any other thoughts?

    alt text

  • @vince-villarreal what feature are you referring to? An image will deploy to a machine based on the storage nodes within a storage group. Assuming both storage nodes are in the same group, it uses a rudimentary load based system to determine which node to deploy the image from.

    What version of fog are you using?

  • I am using them on the same subnet because it’s in a VM test environment. If this feature does not work, I can’t put the Storage Node in a different location.

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    What is your logic to use two fog servers on one subnet?

    How many “clients” do you have defined on the master node vs the storage node? You might want to set the number of clients to 0 if you never want the master fog server to be used for imaging (captures will always go to the master node).