Storage Node - how to get it to update images from master?

  • Hey Guys, this is probably something simple i missed, but I could use someones help.

    I just installed a storage node. Setup everything properly to where if I go to fogservers management page, it shows up in the web gui.

    I went into Storage Management, and updated the storage node to be in the same group as the main server.

    Currently on the main server there is 1 image that is created.

    I need that 1 image to be replicated to the storage node, but nothing is happening right now.

    Can someone tell me how to get it setup so they can both mirror each other? thanks!

  • Cool, I waited about an hour now and data has been transferring to the images folder.

    Looks like it is working! I have another question, but will post it as a new topic

  • Moderator

    Make sure the main server is selected as Master and the storage node is not selected as master.

    Other than that, it only checks every 10 (?) minutes if it has to sync I believe.

    You can check the logs under FOG Configuration, maybe something went wrong?

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