Problem with Grub after deployment (dual system)

  • Hello.

    I’m trying to deploy a dual system image (Windows XP and ubuntu 12.04) on virtual machines (I’m using VMware).

    I have FOG (lastest version) installed on Debian 9. The problem after deploy is I have a black screen. Might someone suggest some idea to me about FOG configuration to arrange the problem?

    Sorry for my bad english, is not my main language.

    Thanks for all.

  • I have 1.5.2 version

  • Moderator

    @rohan1988 Is the image configured as resizable or non-resizable? Please run ls -al /images/IMAGENAME (put the real name of your image instead of IMAGENAME) and post results here.

  • What is latest version exactly? To me latest can mean anything. Only cause I develop on it the latest is always what I’m most currently working on (working branch or otherwise.) latest stable version = 1.5.2, soon to be 1.5.3.
    Latest dev branch version = 1.5.2 as well. So please tell me what the exact version is?