UNSOLVED Keyboard and Mouse Function Lost after Sysprep

  • Hi,

    We are deploying a new Windows 10 image(Updated to latest service pack which is 1803). We created an image and captured it on fog server. If I deploy that image all keyboard and mouse functions work after deployment. We then sysprepped this image–>captured image on fog server and then deployed to workstation. After it is deployed we lose keyboard and mouse function. I did this on a couple different machines. One worked and two others did not. I am going to check options and bios info on each of them but would like to know if anyone else has had similar experience. I did a google search on sysprep and errors with keyboard/mice and they are out there but looking for recommendations. We are using HP 4300 SFF machines.

  • Moderator

    I can’t envision this is a FOG related issue. But, if you sysprep an image and then reboot it on the same machine (removing fog from the picture) do you still have keyboard and mouse function?

    I would tend to think its a driver issue where you started with an earlier release of windows and its drivers, upgraded to 1803. Maybe the earlier windows drivers were still intact and then when you sysprep all of those drivers are reset to 1803. Understand this is just a guess. Also watch the revisions of your firmware to see if there is an update that solves your issue.