Image uploads and Reimage uploads

  • This is probably a stupid question.

    I’ve created an image, but then “high command” wants new features added, different installed programs - so I’ve been deleting the image definitions, making new ones. As each new image definition is created, the numbers keep increasing. I must be up to 15 now. So if I were instead to just upload an image over a new image, would the old image simply be overwritten? Are there any risks? Or am I better off simply doing what I’ve been doing?

  • Moderator

    I agree with djm79 (again, promise I’m not stalking ya). You don’t delete the image definition. When you need to update an image, you DEPLOY to proper hardware, make your updates, and then UPLOAD that computer and it overwrite the old version of the image.

    Some things to note:
    Make sure you prepare the computer before uploading the image. If you make tons of changes, it’s probably wise to defrag again and chksdsk /f

    Remove from the domain before you upload.

    An image that is being uploaded is stored in /images/dev/, and when complete, is moved to /images/imagename. So you’ll need enough storage available to hold the old image and the new image until the image is completely uploaded and FOG removes the old files and replaces with the new ones.

  • When I update my images I just deploy them and make the changes (IE updates, add or remove software) then just upload it over the old one and your ready to go.