Has anyone tried to use the snap-in feature of Fog to send pop-up messages to users?

  • Hello all.
    I am hoping someone can help me.
    I managed to get FOG working on a local area network for testing. It works!
    What I really want to try and do is take advantage of the Snapins feature.
    I am attempting to send a .vbs file to a device, which when received, will execute a message to the user.
    I am currently trying something as basic as the following:

    1. Create a vbs script.
    2. Use the following code: Msgbox “Hello world!”

    Annoyingly the script does not execute, however is being received within the tmp folder.
    My questions are:
    Why does it not execute and show the Message box to the user’s device?
    Has anyone ever tried sending a message to a device before using FOG and a snapin?

    Any form of help will be appreciated 

  • @kermit1991 Sounds like a user context issue. I’m not sure on what the snap in engine runs as but I would assume SYSTEM. If this is the case your message would appear on SYSTEM’s desktop, which doesn’t exist.

    You can figure out who the snap in is running as by looking in Task Manager or testing e.g. ‘whoami > %temp%\snapinuser.txt’ – this will print the username running the script.

    I suggest using msg as well: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/administration/windows-commands/msg

  • Why not use Powershell?

    msg * /server:IP/Computername "Text here"

    Should work fine … the display box is rather basic, the user can only click “Ok”.

    In this case it would send a message to all users on the computer defined by the /server: value

    You can add /v to display what the user did with the box and /w to wait for user input. With /TIME:seconds you can define how long the message ist displayed.