SOLVED Issue with Site Manager plugin

  • Hi guys !

    I’m working on fog at work and i have questions.
    We want use fog with multiple teams and location so we use Site Association and Access Control Manager plugin but we have a problem with it.
    If i add new host with a quick registration no site is associate to it and my restricted users can’t see it (because they see only host on their site location) so an admin must log on and put the right location for the host.
    Same problem if a restricted user add an host manually and forget to set is location, it just disapear after add because it not on is site location.
    How can i bypass this ?

    Thanks ! 🙂

    I’m sorry if my english is bad, it’s not my native language

  • Developer

    @aur3l FOG Settings -> FOG QUICK REGISTRATION tab, config the “QUICKREG GROUP ASSOC” like “Default Group”

    But first you need to create a group called “Default Group” (The name of this goup can be other … be free)

  • Thanks ! It’s resolve my problem !
    I didn’t know that i can set a group for quick registration !

  • Developer

    I see a litle backdoor to solve your problem.


    1. Create a new site, for example “Default Site”
    2. Create a new computer and associate it to “Default Site”, you can also use a computer that exists in your DB ans associate it to “Default Site”
    3. Create a new group called, for example, “Default Group”
    4. Add to “Default Group” the computer of the second point
    5. Add to the “Default Site” the restricted users.
    6. In FOG Settings -> FOG QUICK REGISTRATION tab, config the “QUICKREG GROUP ASSOC” like “Default Group”.
    7. Wait

    Now the restricted users can see in the “Membership” tab of the “Default Group” all the computers that are registered by the quick registration method.

    It is not mandatory that all PC of one group be associated in the same Site. If only one of them is associated to one Site, you can see the rest of them in the group tab. In my mind was the possibility to create “Super Groups” that have computers of differents sites.

    It is not the better solution, but is a solution for your problem 🙂

  • Thanks for the reply !

    Can I force new hosts to set a ‘default’ location, create a site ‘default’ and add all users to that location ? That way any user see his hosts and default hosts and can move them on their own site.
    Can i force that directly in database maybe ?

  • Developer

    Hi @Aur3l ,

    Is not an issue, it works in this way 🙂
    I don’t use quick registration in my university and when I developed the plugin I didn’t take into account the quick registration, sorry.

    Well, we can try to solve it but is difficult because when you are doing a quick registration, FOG doesn’t know where is the computer or to which site to associate it.

    I have fixed some bugs in this plugin, Tom will update the git to fix them.