PXE booting from FOG server while connected to a switch?

  • Hi, currently I am running FOG (default settings with DHCP set up) in a standalone lab network. If I plug FOG directly (NIC to NIC) into a laptop I have successfully been able to capture and deploy images between laptops one at a time. My problem comes when connecting to the switch.

    The switch isn’t configured in any way, but my limited knowledge of switching I assumed this would work. When we plug the FOG server and all 12 of our laptops into the switch, the laptops will not PXE boot. I guess it’s not getting the DHCP. I can ping the FOG server from the laptops so I know traffic is moving, but as I said I cannot PXE boot when connected to the switch.

    Is there something I’m missing here? I’m not the best with networking, but why won’t the laptops see DHCP for the PXE boot?

    Any help is appreciated. Thank you

  • @george1421 A coworker was able to resolve the problem coming in with a fresh mind. Apologize for the wasted thread

  • Moderator

    Can you provide a clear screen shot taken with a mobile phone of the error? The context of the error is very helpful for understanding where it fell down.

    If your switch has spanning tree enabled, but you are not using one of the fast spanning tree protocols, we’ve see where the pxe booting computer will get an ip address and maybe download iPXE, but ipxe will complain about not getting an IP address. Again the context of the error will help to understand just what went wrong.

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