register pc automatically with existing name

  • HI guys,

    I have something like 400 pc, and each one have a name that identifies the position, how can I automatically register all pc with the name they already have?

    because right now that have like a random number in host.


  • @szeraax Open a new thread up the next time you want to do something to get some suggestions. This is a benefit of a project with an active community.

  • @wayne-workman I had no idea you could do an import for hosts… I made an API script to get the serial and replace the quick reg name (mac) with the serial since I didn’t see any other way to do it easily for all my hosts…

  • Or install the fogclient on all the machines. When they checkin, they’ll register themselves with the currently defined hostname and mac address’. They are loaded in a “pending” state requiring approval.

  • @manuel_mart You can import all hosts using a spreadsheet with the names you want set. Go here to get an example: FOG GUI -> Host Management -> Export Hosts. The file it gives you is the format it needs if you were to import hosts. Also, you could deploy the FOG Client to all boxes so that they register using the name they have now prior to imaging.