Add custom iPXE menu item as task

  • Hi all,

    I added a custom iPXE menu item to boot from an ISO (MDT).

    Is there a way to create a custom task so I can trigger this option from the web GUI?

  • @george1421 I was able to add a task with the Task Type Management plugin.

    With the below added to the kernel args I am able to boot to iso:

    && imgfree && initrd http://${fog-ip}/fog/isoimg/LiteTouchPE_x64.iso && chain memdisk iso raw

    Is there a way I can chain a “Fast Wipe” task right before the boot?

    I am looking through the source for the Fast Wipe task definition but can’t seem to find it.

  • Moderator

    First let me say I have not done this yet, but there is a plugin called TaskStateEdit that you can use to create custom fog tasks. Look at the Memtest86+ task to get an idea what you might do for your custom task.

    Also realize that your iPXE menu has nothing to do with fog custom tasks. They are similar in setup, but different.