UNSOLVED Black screen at registration

  • Hey people!

    So i have a school project running on fog i have set up everything on a VM and it runs everything. But when i want to register my windows host i can’t seem to get past the option screen. The moment i pick an option like full reg or quick reg it loads it up and then just a black screen. No errors no sounds just black. I have waited a while for it to come trough but it stays black what might cause this?

    Cheers in advance!

  • @george1421 because of the VM i’m letting fog do the dhcp. I get the white fog screen with the options and when i pick quick reg i get the bzImage and init.xz ok on screen and after it shows this it goes black.

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    @arcfury The last question is in regards to how you configured your dhcp server to load the iPXE boot kernel. Without those settings in place you should not get the FOG menu to display. For dhcp option 66 you should have the IP address of the fog server, and for dhcp option 67 you might have a file like undionly.kpxe.

    From the sounds of it when you pick registration the screen just goes black? You don’t see any messages about loading bzImage and init.xz??

  • Version 1.5.2
    Legacy mode
    Trying to register a VM Win10 (finds it but doesn’t go past the black screen after choosing a registration option)
    The options as i’m a linux noob don’t know at this moment.

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    lets start out with some basics.

    1. What version of FOG are you using?
    2. What hardware are you trying to register?
    3. Is your target computer in uefi or bios (legacy) mode?
    4. What specifically do you have set for dhcp options 66 and 67?