UNSOLVED Windows key plugins , nothing happens

  • Hello guy’s thank you for my last problem on sysprep , today my master is good and it works but when i want to put a license key in the plugins windows key of FOG nothing happend , it say nothing and when i check the list , it’s empty .

    How can i add a license key in teh plugins and how this plugins works ? thank you

  • @jmercier When you try to add a key, most likely there are some apache errors being written to your server’s apache error log. If you could supply those, that would help the developers. Also - this plugin is not necessary but makes things easier as far as applying keys to different hosts/groups. You can still use groups to apply a MAC key to a group via group management, and you can still apply a key to an individual host via host management.

  • UP Pls i n really need help for this x)