• I’m not sure if anyone has wanted to do this, but since we want to put storage nodes at sites throughout our company, we want to be able to throttle the transfer of images so it doesn’t utilize our sites pipes during replication. Does FOG have this capability? I’m thinking something like DFS, where you can specify transfer at X rate during these times, etc.


  • Thanks so much for your quick replies! Yesterday I added that same line to the lftp config file and it worked just fine. This is a great feature since we will be replicating images to 8 of our remote sites, some of which have a slow connection to us (and operate 24/7 so after hours replication isn’t a viable solution). Thanks again!

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    Modify your /opt/fog/service/FOGImageReplicator/FOGImageReplicator file.

    Line 95, add:
    [CODE]set net:limit-rate 100K;[/CODE]

    in between
    [CODE]set net:max-retries 1;[/CODE]
    [CODE]set net:timeout 30;[/CODE]

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    Lftp is capable of throttling. Just have to play with the options. Usually you want images replicated ASAP. But if not you can tell the fogimagereplication service not to start at boot, then setup a cron job to start and stop it after hours maybe.

  • Is rsync an option? Does the FOG replication just copy a new image, or can it sync the changes?

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    check the options for the “lftp” program. If lftp has an option, you can modify the replication service script.