??Howto: Make image of Windows Server machine

  • EDIT: Answered

    [B]To Make an Image backup of a Windows Server 2003 Machine, you must select All Disks- Multiple Partitions and on the host page set it to Windows (Other).[/B]

    Original Message:
    I was not able to successfully pull an image from our Windows servers.

    Perhaps I am confused an not sure which option to select.

    I tried single partition (XP) with no luck,
    Then I tried Multiple Partitions on single disk (that makes more sense)

    Also, is it required to take the extra step like for Windows 7 machines?

    Please help me understand what option will work for me.

    Extra details: Dell Poweredge 2950 with Windows Server 2003.

  • Update: After following your suggestion, I got a step farther.

    It was able to detect the hard disks in PXE. I got passed my error.

    [S]But now there is another error,[/S]
    [S]Error now says : *unable to move /images/dev/000c29769fc5 to images/2k3[/S]

    This worked for me, the above issue was not encountered when I ran it on a real server. (Only the VM gave the error)

    Thanks Bryce for the assistance… and thanks to everyone who helped FOG become the most awesome tool ever![S][/S]

  • heres is my error. (See Attachement)[IMG]http://networkmedium.com/fogerror.JPG[/IMG]
    Apparently Windows (Other) is incorrect setting.
    Any suggestions?

    Also, is it required that you fill in all fields in the for the Host: Like Host Kernel and Host Kernel Arguments?
    I was unsure and left those blank.

    I will try again with each setting until I get it correct.
    Will post my results.

  • Thank you for your speedy response, I will give that a go and let you know how it works out.

  • Try Multiple Partitions - All Disks and on the host page set it to Windows (Other)… I’ve never collected from an installation of Windows Server, but I would guess that the issue is related to the host OS setting as the scripts to collect and deploy images will perform different functions that are OS version dependent.

  • [quote=“BryceZ, post: 511, member: 2”]What do you mean by “not able to successfully pull an image”? At what point did the failure occur?[/quote]
    I installed FOG service on Windows server… I want to make a backup of this servers hard drive. Therefore I want to pull an image.

    It happens after I PXE boot the Windows Server, It looks like it is about to start, then the error.

    The error I get was basically informing me that the selected Image type is incorrect.
    So which image type do I choose for Windows Server 2003?

    I can get more details, but not at the moment, but I can only take servers offline after hours.


  • What do you mean by “not able to successfully pull an image”? At what point did the failure occur?

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