Active Directory Join Failing

  • @tom-elliott from what i can say is that with some RC something changed regarding to host settings, one day i mentioned that the password for domain join was empty. After filling it again it won’t be shown as encrypted. Afai remember in the past it was shown encrypted regardsless it was entered plain or not.

    I don’t know if this is related to that problem but after i filled our ad password again it was working like expected even when not showed encrypted in the webif.

    Regards X23

  • Senior Developer

    I’m not sure i understand what the bug is.

    Is the Domain Password (not legacy) encrypted or decrypted?

    1.5.0 the auto-encrypted element of the password was removed, though encrypted passwords should still work. I’m not aware of any problems happening with them currently.

  • @jeffscott There is a bug related to this that is present in the 1.5.0 release. You are using 1.5 RC 13, so I am not sure if the bug was present in that RC or not, but it’s likely that it is. 1.5.1 should be released in a week or so. My recommendation is to sit tight until 1.5.1 is released - and once released, update to it.

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