[SOLVED] FOG .32 and Ubuntu Server 12.04

  • First post, yay! 😄

    Hello folks, this week I installed a new server running FOG. I already have a FOG server which I have been using for years running .27, but I bought new drives to upgrade to a better server.

    This time, as soon as I boot from FOG on the same machines I have been imaging for the last two years with FOG, I get:

    [CODE]failed to execute the /sbin/v86d
    make sure that the v86d helper is installed and executable
    getting VBE info block failed
    vbe_init() failed with -22[/CODE]

    After doing a lot of reading and googlin’, it seems like the newest kernel running on Ubuntu (3.2.0) is not supported by FOG?

    My old FOG server is running kernel 2.26.6. So, my question is, is the only way to fix this really to install an older kernel? 😕

    I want to make sure of this, because if it’s true, no one knows what I will break rolling the kernel so far back, and I have never done it before… so I will have to do A LOT of reading to do so. 😞


  • Good luck! We couldnt get Fog to deploy an image properly on either Ubuntu 12.04, or 11.04. Using Ubuntu 10.04 with Fog 32 gave no deployment issues… Now on to figuring out why multicast fails partway through, and with unicast works just fine… X(


    Just for reference for other peeps:

    The devs have made updating (or downgrading) the kernel super easy. Instructions on how to is found on the wiki [URL=‘http://www.fogproject.org/wiki/index.php/Managing_FOG#FOG_Client_Kernel’]here[/URL].

    Thanks again to the awesome devs and community!

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    AHA! Thank you for the clarification on that, eveything makes a lot more sense now! :rolleyes:

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    You are confusing the OS kernel with the FOG kernel. The OS kernel runs the FOG server, and the FOG kernel runs on the clients after they PXE boot. If you are seeing that message on your clients when you PXE boot them, it just means the FOG kernel is having issues with the client hardware. You can easily and safely revert to the 2.6.26 kernel if you want without causing issues because almost all of the FOG functionality (other than device drivers) is built into the init.gz file.

    So grab the 2.6.26 kernel and swap it in and go to town.

    Also, Ubuntu 12.04 has issues with tftpd-hpa failing to start on a reboot, and you have to restart it after booting. It also has seems to develop permissions issues, but not always. At this time, Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS is the most stable and probably most used (most supported) OS on which to install FOG. I use it.

  • My experience is 10.04 is the best version of Ubuntu to run Fog.

  • Even more reading, shows that 12.04 does not play ball with FOG. Some people are reporting that Ubuntu Server 10.04 seems to contain a compatible kernel and also some packages that make FOG happy.

    Before I go and wype my new server ( 😞 ) and install 10.04, would someone please confirm I’m going in the right direction?

    Thanks again.