UNSOLVED Windows 10 1709 won't boot after Fog installed image on workstation.

  • Hey everyone.

    My fog 1.4.4 server is run on a virtual server, and has images for Windows 10 pro vanilla, Windows 10 1709 pro, Windows 7 Pro, and Windows Server 2008.

    I am able to push and install Windows 7, and Windows Server 2008 with no issues. But as of Monday this week (02 Apr 2018) I am no longer able to boot up images of Windows 10. The image push, and install seems to go off without any issues. But when trying to boot up, it states that “Boot Device Not Found” .

    I was able to do everything without any issues last week, but I am perplexed by this issue. I at first thought that maybe the image became corrupt, so I deleted my old image, and created a completely new image and captured it with no issues. But when trying to push that image, after the install, it states that there is no boot device either.

    My company uses a wide variety of desktops and laptops. The one common factor is that everything is HP. Has anyone else come across this issue? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • Moderator

    Just for clarity the issue is only with Win10 1709. Win7 and 2008 still deploys without issue?

    As a test, can you capture and deploy back to the same hardware? Then deploy to a different target computer, but the same model?

    The no boot device available is either:

    1. You don’t have the disk controller drivers in your golden image for all hardware combinations
    2. You are deploying a BIOS image to a UEFI computer (or swapped around)
    3. FOG is having an issue restoring the boot sector

    Can you tell us a bit more about what your reference image computer is configured and the configuration of a target system? This includes firmware mode, disk technology used (sata vs nvme)