UNSOLVED Fog version 1.4.2 , cannot capture image

  • when capturing image it runs through everything and right when its about to start capturing it gives this error

    0_1522518476583_IMG_1643 (1).jpg does anyone know what i should do? i am kind of new to this

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    @jon-fuentes The disk space error message is an incorrect one. The issue is partclone is not passing enough information back to FOG on why it aborted. The answer is probably sprawled across the partclone screen just above the screen shot you provided. The fog service only can tell that partclone aborted for some reason and the “guess” was the hard disk on the fog server is full. Rerun your imaging again and watch what message partclone displays.

    Also you might consider upgrading your version of FOG sooner or later. FOG 1.5.1 is waiting for release so you might want to hold off for a bit to upgrade, but you should upgrade once 1.5.1 there are quite a few disk imaging fixes in 1.4.4 with a handful more in 1.5.1. So you should consider upgrading to make your imaging a bit smoother.

  • i let windows run and did a chckdisk then restarted it and it says that the fogserver disk is full, when only 20% of the /images folder is full 0_1522527583488_IMG_1646.jpg

  • You might want to let it boot into windows to perform chkdsk. The message is pretty clear on what’s happening.

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