Snap-In Assistance FOG 1.5

  • Fog server up and running. Fresh Windows 10 Pro image uploaded. Pulled the image down to a machine different from the one the image was built on.
    Missing drivers.
    I’m assuming snap-ins would be the best way to do this and I understand the basic concepts of scripting .exe silent installs. But I don’t want/need these drivers to load on EVERY model we image. Just this one particular model. How do I do that?

  • @george1421 My reference image is NOT 1709 and once attached to the domain that update has been blocked by our WUS. Too many problems with it.

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    @dpotesta50 The scripts should work without modification.

    You will need to ensure the driver library is setup correctly on the fog server as well as the reference image, more precisely your unattend.xml file needs to tell windows where to look for the drivers.

    And now with Win10 1709 it appears that M$ has broken that documented process. A work around for this new MS (broken) feature is to add the following line to your setupcomplete.cmd file before the reference image is captured.

    pnputil.exe /add-driver c:\drivers\*.inf /subdirs /install

  • @george1421 Looking back at that post. The three scripts you have there literally just need to be copy and pasted into a file and placed into the appropriate sections? No customizing needs to be done to them?

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    @dpotesta50 You can deploy with a snap-in then. I’m not sure I would do it that way, but it can be done.

    If you are deploying as a .exe file just add in the silent install command switches to make the driver install without having user interaction.

    If you are deploying as a .inf package, you will need to create a snap-in pack with a batch file to run the pnputil command with some structure like this:
    pnputil.exe /add-driver %~dp0\*.inf /install

    Understand I have not, and probably will not deploy drivers using this method, so YMMV on the utility of this information.

  • I’m looking at those instructions cross-eyed. I’m not certain if have the ability/knowledge to do that.

  • @george1421 Luckily the image boots just fine. What’s missing are things like network drivers, bluetooth and proper audio.

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    @dpotesta50 The answer is bit more complex than creating snap-ins. Some drivers are needed for the OS to boot from the winpe environment into the full windows environment (like disk controllers and networks). So somethings need to be “in the tin” as it were, before your sysprep the image.

    I do have some tutorials on creating a single reference image and deploying it on multiple hardware. It take some time to setup but you CAN have a single OS deploy to different hardware with the proper drivers installed by FOG during imaging.

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