UNSOLVED Fog Node mysql connection back to fog server

  • Hello! A few of my sites have a crummier than normal WAN connection, and the FOG Node’s connection back to the master server on port 3306 is using up a not-small percentage of the overall traffic utilization.

    In my environment, the clients report back into the master server, and the local storage nodes are serving up tftp boot files and also keeping replicated copies of images so they’re not imaging over the wire.

    What’s this mysql connection effectively used for?

    Is there any way to reduce it, or eliminate it all together?

  • Is there a way to reduce how often the fog node’s are checking back into the master server’s mysql?

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    @Malos So is your question answered properly?

  • 0_1522098155570_test.PNG

    Yeah, I figured client check-ins would take more bandwidth as well but nope! The yellow in this graph is all 3306 node to master traffic. All of the sites do this actually, it’s just particularly noticable in this location due to the current sub-par DSL connection (replacing it is a WIP).

    And, I didn’t include it previously but will now, they’re all running Fog 1.4.4 on Ubuntu 16.04. No replication is going on at present

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    The port 3306, is mysql server traffic. The storage nodes don’t have their own mysql database. They are reaching out to the master node for instructions from its database. But I wouldn’t think this traffic would be very much. I would tend to think the fog client check-ins to the master node or something wrong with the replicator where it continues to replicate with no changes would consume more bandwidth that the mysql queries.