UNSOLVED host registration issues

  • alright so i’m setting up a fog server as a school project and have been working on this for weeks as I don’t know much about linux. currently i am having issues registering hosts with FOG. here’s exactly what i see when trying a full registration
    udhcpc: started, v1.26.2
    udhcpc: sending discover
    udhcpc: sending select for
    udhcpc: lease of obtained, lease time 19784
    deleting routers
    adding dns 172.16.
    Either DHCP failed or we were unable to access for connection testing

    i don’t get whats wrong. I pxe booted just fine, but now it’s saying i have a dhcp issue. btw i’m using debian 9 and using fog for dhcp.

  • @jfulton Try putting a dumb switch (unmanaged mini-switch) between the target host you’re working with and the rest of the network, see if it makes a difference or not. If there’s a difference, we have additional steps for you on how to fix it.