Dell Lattitude E5580 & 5590 WIN 10 Uploading as RAW

  • So i just set up my new fog, v. 1.4.4, and when attempting to upload a WIN 10 image on these 2 models, it uploads them as a RAW filesystem instead of NTFS. When capturing the host information, I choose the “Perform Full Host Registration and Inventory”. And when creating the image to get ready for upload on FOGs side I keep everything at default except I change the OS to WIN 10, and choose “Multiple Partitions, single disk, not resizeable” The replicate, and image enabled boxes stay checked, the compression is 6 and image management is set to Partimage.

    I also tried a HP 650 G1 to see if it was the fog that was the issue. However, it uploaded as NTFS just fine. However that model had Windows 7 instead of 10. So at this point I am not sure whether its the models of the laptops or the OS that is the issue. But I am thinking more likely its WIN 10 that is the problem and their must be some settings I am missing somewhere.

  • @george1421 Thank you, its weird it decides to encrypt by default and then say its not enabled. That thread helped a lot

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    @dorvak Here is a similar thread that discusses the same issue and the commands needed to disable it:

    Review the posts by @THEMCV they are enlightening.

  • @george1421

    I just checked and bitlocker was not enabled. Does TPM have to be disabled in the bios also for it to work?

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    If bitlocker is enabled, FOG can’t read the ntfs information so it uploads it with RAW mode. Also if bit locker is enabled, when you deploy the image to a second computer it will not boot because the tpm key is different. You must disable bitlocker and unencrypt the drive before imaging to have a happy win10 image. Then after the system has been deployed you can reenable bitlocker and drive encryption.






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