Yeah!! back up but image storage issue?

  • Fog .32 install on 40 GB VMware partition. It originally locked up due to full hard drive after image upload, could not get back into the GUI after, locked up mysql. I deleted the image and was able to get back in after a reboot.
    I added another 800GB virtual disk to the server. my question is, in the GUI is there a way to direct saving the new uploaded image file to the new 800 GB drive? if so how do i direct it to there?
    the drives are as follows: Size:
    /dev/sda3 mounted on / ext3 40 GB
    /dev/sda1 mounted on /boot ext2 89M
    /dev/sdb1 mounted on /images ext2 794 GB

    Right now under image management in the GUI the default path starts /images/“editable box” [B]/Images/ is not editable.[/B]
    does this mean it will store on the right drive?

    Thanks for any help

  • Thank You Chad I did do this at your last suggestion and that is how i was able to add the new virtual drive.
    Guess i missed the last move step but its working!!

    Thank you for all your help

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    Again, [url][/url]

    If you’d rather do it through the UI, it’s not that hard.

    []Rename /images to /images1: sudo mv /images /images1
    ]Make a new directory /images: sudo mkdir /images
    []Format the drive in Disk Utility, MBR
    ]Create partition, Type ext4, name images or whatever
    []sudo nano -w /etc/fstab
    ]add a line for the new disk to be mounted to /images: [code]/dev/sdb1 /images ext4 rw 0 0[/code]
    []restart the server or mount the /images manually. I would restart just to make sure.
    ]copy/move the image files files from /images1 to /images
    []sudo touch /images/.mntcheck
    ]sudo touch /images/dev/.mntcheck
    []sudo chown -R fog /images
    ]sudo chmod -R 755 /images
    [*]sudo chmod -R 777 /images/dev