Asset Management for non-network devices.

  • We are required to maintain an Inventory of all computer assets including the PC, monitors, phones, docking stations and network switches. Would be possible to add these types of devices into FOG and manually record serial# and other required information? Otherwise you need to utilize another CMDB for these items and I am sure most companies and schools require this information on their equipment.

    Just an Idea.

  • We use with a few minor UI/language mods. Works a treat!

    We’d used Spiceworks in the past, but it’s dynamic/scanning nature tended to mess things up. This sometimes added great confusion as to what the actual truth was.

    With a completely manual database, at least we know any changes would’ve been done by a human and not some script editing our records. FOG’s inventory is still good for cross-checking the asset db records though!

  • Moderator

    You may want to look into (not ranked in any order) GLPI, Spiceworks Inventory, or even PDQ Inventory. With the FOG 1.x release CMDB is not a feature.

  • Senior Developer

    You might be able to extend fog to do thus for you through plugins.

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