• This time I am using FOG version 0.30, to image Windows 7 Enterprise 64 bit machines. I have a variety of rooms, each having their own image. We are not using AD or sysprep, the image we send out is exactly what we wish for the entire set of computers in that room to have except for the hostname.

    Room A - we upload master image to one machine, tweak image for that room, and then reupload the image after using fogprep and setting the clone flag for Deepfreeze. Then we deploy the image to the remaining machines. Room A works successful and the machines change to the correct hostnames except for the first machine we sent the image to.

    Room B - same process and same results.

    Room C - same process, we do not have any of the machines change their hostname (realized I did not remember to run fogprep when we resent the image back up to the server before deploying).

    Room D - same process, did use fogprep, and even reinstalled fogclient, they do not change their hostnames.

    All clients have the hostname checkbox checked and in fog settings, it has the fog service hostname changer enabled.

  • Developer

    You really should be using FOG 0.32 and sysprep’ing your images.

    I would be using 1 image for all rooms, as long as they are from the same hardware set.
    Simply enable / disable the ‘Hostname Changer’ service per Host.

    In regards to the Hostname Changer not working:
    []Open or preferably ‘tail’: c:\fog.log
    ]Look for: HostnameChanger
    Are there any errors reported? It may take a few minutes for errors to appear.