• I have installed FOG on a Ubuntu 10.04 version and I am quite confused because I have setup a FOG server a few times before and those worked no problem.

    Problem on is the web management in that I cannot read any thing. They are all symbols and I do not understand why they are like this. See Picture[ATTACH=full]166[/ATTACH]

    The second problem I am having is that when I try to PXE boot a client machine it always shows PXE-E32: TFTP open timeout. I do not understand what this is all about either or how to fix this problem.

    I am not a Linux expert by any means so detailed help would be greatly appreciated


  • Moderator

    Let’s take one problem at a time.

    Have you tried viewing the FOG web UI from any other computers? Is it messed up on all computers you use? If not, it might be a browser encoding setting. If it’s messed up on all of them, it might be a language setting in FOG, PHP, Apache, or Ubuntu.

    If you are getting the PXE TFTP timeout error, is it all all computer models you try or just some? Did you setup DHCP in FOG or are you using something else to do DHCP?