• Hi all!

    My problem is either very strange or very simple to solve:

    -) Install a DELL Optiplex 990 from scratch only to boot it to the Windows 7 desktop.
    -) Upload an image of the fresh installed box to FOG
    -) Deploy this image back to the SAME! machine

    -) Windows boot fails with a BSOD (windows boots until short before the welcome screen)

    I did rule out the FOGkernel as the root cause, since it images and deploys fine.

    Does FOG do something with the image when it is captured?
    (Since the machine boots when not touched by FOG and it doesn’t when deployed back.)

    Furthermore I won’t take into consideration, that this is a driver issue.
    Because this Windows already WAS running on the machine.

    Please let me know if there are some exotic tricks necessary for the 990s

    Thanks in advance for your thoughts and
    Best regards

  • Hi chad-bisd,

    I confirm, it worked!

    Thanks alot.

    br CW

  • Hi chad-bisd,

    seems to work! Thanks alot for now, will report back how it went out after sysprepping the machine and deploy it then.

    br CW

  • Moderator

    Try multiple partitions single disk. It works better in some situations.

  • Hi chad-bisd,

    The image type is (Single Partition NTFS Only, Resizable).

    I am not using UEFI / GPT nor advanced format disks (the one in question uses 512byte blocks (Barracuda 7200.12 1TB)).

    br CW

  • Moderator

    What image type? Single Partition-Resizeable or Multiple Partition - Single disk? Are you using UEFI/GPT or Advanced format disks?