UNSOLVED Help...No router Address found! No DNS found

  • So I am new to FOG and to server setup.
    Oddly enough I am a Assistant in a Equipment Circulation branch of my office, which means we rent out laptops which need routine maintenance and updates. As a project i have been assigned to “Recreate” the FOG server we have. The guy who made it is long since not with our company and no one knows how to work it so here I am learning.
    Which brings me to the issue at hand, I made a Successful FOG server on out companies DHCP table and everything worked smooth-ish. Come to find out that having a fog server on our network is a security risk i am told to make it isolated… Okay cool… so i install Debian 9 (was using Ubuntu) for the GUI, Browser, and terminal access. It goes through the process to install nicely and then I use git to clone the fog project while connected to the network and follow the online wiki guide to get an isolated server.
    thing is theirs a step in fog that isnt on the wiki which is “Would you like DHCP to handle DNS” i select no because i will be on an isolated network and no need for it.
    get though past the “is the MySQL password blank”, then it shows a No address found! no DNS found!..Failed

    i am wondering if with the Debian install when i entered the DHCP of the network i was on it is messing up fog. I ask because ive gone back and forth a few times with different OS and before i start the whole thing over again i want to know what my issue is otherwise it isn’t learning its fumbling around.
    here are the specs of what im useing:
    OS: Debian 9
    here are pictures:
    0_1519834836628__DSC0005 (800x468).jpg
    0_1519834851533__DSC0006 (800x532).jpg
    0_1519834866502__DSC0007 (800x532).jpg

  • @sebastian-roth
    The dhcp-10-8-34-106 is what Debian auto set as my host name when it auto-configured on my Internets dhcp when i installed Debian.

    As for the stated fix below i got to the "Configuring dhcp… " in the last step of fog install and then it says Failed! and sends me back to the command line.

    I am going to attempt a fresh install and see if it does it still… It no longer gives me a No address or No DNS it just gets past that step then says failed when configuring the dhcp.

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    @Epsilon Ok, probably something we should address. As a workaround you can just configure router and DNS addresses to make the installer happy. Just use the same address for router/gateway and DNS.

    Just something I am wondering about. In that screenshot I see but the command prompt reads dhcp-10-8-34-106?!?

  • @sebastian-roth Ahh i see what you are saying. The original IP is the correct static one so i have corrected that. Unfortunately it is still giving me an error: 0_1519844278986_vcb.jpg
    Sorry for the misunderstanding, still very new to these setups.

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    @epsilon said in Help...No router Address found! No DNS found:

    See this really is a loopback address only usable on the local machine. It’s ok to use that IP in the browser to open the webinterface when working on the server itself. But you still need to use a proper IP address (link local LAN addresses like 192.168.x.y or 10.x.y.z will do) for the clients to be able to communicate with your FOG server when capturing or deploying an image.

    As you still have your old server running, open a command shell and run ip addr show or ifconfig -a to see that there is one interface called lo that is the local loopback plus at least one other network interface with a different IP address!

  • I have the eno1 ip assigned to it but on the Original server we used If it is an isolated server not connected to the internet shouldn’t this be fine? Heres a picture of the original servers fog management. 0_1519838997976__DSC0009 (800x532).jpg

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    @Epsilon Your server IP address is That is your local loopback addr for internal use. Make sure you have a proper IP setup on your server before running the installer.