• I recently installed FOG 0.32 on a Ubuntu 12.04 server.
    However I now need to migrate the server to a VMWare virtual machine instead.

    I tried using the [FONT=Calibri]VMware VCenter Converter Standalone Converter, but got a message saying that the linux kernel version was to old.[/FONT]

    [FONT=Calibri]I therefore wanted to try to update to linux kernel 3.5.3, and give it another go, but I don’t have any experience making custom kernels.[/FONT]
    Does anyone have a newer FOG kernel that I could use?

    Or maybe a different way entirely to migrate my server to VMWare.
    I could install it all over again, but making all the small tweaks, and moving the SQL server, seems like a real hassle.

    Thanks for your assistance.


  • Moderator

    Google “ubuntu 12.04 kernel upgrade” and see what you get.

  • Could you not upgrade the kernel on the linux box. The kernel the OS uses and the kernel fog uses look to two different things. But I could be wrong. I upgraded to a newer kernel on my VM setup and suffered no ill effects but I built mine in VMware from the start. I’ll look for the walk through I used to upgrade my kernel and post it after I get back from my family gathering.