FOG Backup Script Help

  • Hi all,

    FOG has provided a backup script located:

    As of version 0.14 a script is provided with FOG to make backups easier (not present in 0.32). The script is located at:

    To use this script run:

    ./ [directory]
    With this script you must pass an directory that exists to the script as an argument. This directory is where your backups will be stored. This script can be run as a cron job to make daily backups of your FOG data.

    However, I’m not sure within the script how to pass my NAS server information including the credentials or if the script is ready to even accept those parameters. Does anyone have an example of their script already working they can share or can offer some help?

  • This post is deleted!

  • @it-john The key things to backup are a mysqldump of the fog database, images, snapins, and your ssl keys. Not sure if the script gets the ssl keys, those are new as of 1.3.






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