Increase storage of VMWare Fog server

  • Ok,

    I installed fog .27 using the vmware zip file. upgraded to .32 and server is working great only problem is im out of space 😞 How do i either increase this install for images or install a storage node on VMWare. Im really a linux newbie so the more detailed the better.

    Thanks in advance

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    The command line is all there in the wiki article. You’ll fdisk to find the disk and set the type, then you’ll make the filesystem, then you’ll move the images folder to images1, create a new images folder, mount the new virtual disk to the /images folder, then move the images from /images1 to /images

  • Thanks for this info. I was able to create the virtual disk but im sorry im a complete newbie at linux o_O i assume i move /images to the new virtual disk? what are the commands to do this? I cannot log into the GUI because my disk is completely full i can get to the console of the vm so i need to do all of this by command line and Linux is a bit out of my league right now. Any further help you could give me would be greatly appreciated 🙂 Do i follow the wiki article on the vm console?
    Thanks so much for your help!!

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    Add a new virtual disk to the VM. Then use the wiki article: [url][/url]

    Basically, you add a new virtual disk, move /images to /images1, mkdir /images, mount the new virtual disk as /images, create the /images/dev folder, and create .mntcheck files in /images and /images/dev, copy existing images from /images1 to /images