Can I use an image which was not created via FOG and push it to Lanner device to CF card?

  • Currently, I’m burning CF using *.img file via Imagewriter (it is doing sector to sector copy like dd)
    Can I use FOG to burn it to CF card using PXE (Lanner device is supporting PXE) ?
    I can even register this Lanner CPE with FOG server but can’t push my *.img file to CF card.


  • Thank you for the quick answer.

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    Thinking more about this (my fist answer still is true).

    I wonder what would happen if…

    1. You manually registered that device with fog.
    2. You scheduled a debug capture (when scheduling the capture task check the debug option).
    3. PXE booted the device. After a few enter key presses you will be dropped to a linux command prompt.
    4. At the linux command prompt you were to key in lsblk
    5. Post the results here in the thread.

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    The short answer is you can only “burn” an image created by fog with fog.

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