SOLVED It is possible to keep tmp file with snapin

  • Hi all, i’m a new user of Fog and i’m currently testing it.
    I have an application wich i want to deploy with the “Snapin” option.
    The msi program go in my windows client in the folder : C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\tmp BUT when he is installed FOG delete the file.
    I want to know if it’s possible to keep it in this folder ? (or wich file i must modify to do it ?)

    Thanks for helping.

  • I’m testing your idea but the msi is very badly done ! 😞

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    @laurentb Lets try this idea again now that we know the problem.

    You must copy the file first to a save location then install it. So you need to maybe use a batch file like this.

    @Echo Off
    if not exist "C:\Program Files\Packages" mkdir "C:\Program Files\Packages"
    if not exist "C:\Program Files\Packages" mkdir "C:\Program Files\Packages\Modsho"
    copy /Y %~dp0\modsho-1.1.msi "C:\Program Files\Packages\Modsho"
    msiexec -i "C:\Program Files\Packages\Modsho\modsho-1.1.msi" /qn

    Understand I wrote that batch file out of my head. I did not debug or test it. It should work (??).

  • Thanks guy for your answers but …

    FOG copy my msi in C:\Program Files (x86)\FOG\tmp
    It execute and made the install; after a moment when the user want to use the program he click on the icon and see this error :
    alt text

    If i made a script like you said george1421 i couldn’t copy the file at the same place because it already exist
    what I want is that the msi sent locally on the client computers is not erased at all

    I don’t speak English very well so I don’t know if you understand me well … 🙂

  • Hi,

    all msi’s are kept:

    Does it not go into %windir%\installer
    Though I think that the files may get renamed. Not sure where you get the name mapping from…
    This directory gets very big so I move it to an external drive. This sometimes cause uninstalls or updates to fail with a missing msi error, but this can be fixed by putting the directory back

    For the renamed MSI file check LocalPackage attribute inside registry at path - [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Installer\UserData<InternalUserId>\Products<ProductGUID>\InstallProperties]. InternalUserId is something of sort S-1-5-18. ProductGUID is a GUID like 00058CD18F0BF523DA1072073D56715D embedded as a public property inside the MSI file.

    Bild Text

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    Let me say this is working as fog was designed. If you want to keep the MSI locally you will have to change how the snapin works. You will need to create a snapin pack (kind of like a zip file). That snapin pack will contain a batch file which will call your msi file as well as copy the MSI file to any location you need. To say it another way instead of the snapin calling the msi directly, you will need the snapin to call a batch file, that will call the msi as well as move the msi to where you need it.