Host does not join AD Domain

  • I’m certain there is some silly issue that is causing this - I’ve fixed our BIOS / NIC Boot issues, the Windows 2012 server DHCP options for UEFI, the Fog Service installation options and everything else seems to be running well - including installing a snap-in to the PC. I appreciate any help you can provide in solving this last issue!

    On a Dell OptiPlex 3050 micro running Windows 10, the Fog Service is installed and operational. It has changed the host name, installed a snapin, reboots on command, etc but does join PC to domain.

    I’ve checked that the ‘FogServer’ user & password will allow adding to domain manually, but does not join automatically.

    How do I verify that Fog is set-up correctly vs the possibility that some Group Policy or something on the server is preventing the join? Any suggestions would be appreciated - about to install 20 of these in our youth STEAM lab and this is the last hiccup!


  • Of course - checked the logs and I had the user name or password in wrong in fog. Had to be easy. Thanks!

  • @biologyben Whenever you have any issue with the FOG Client - the first step in troubleshooting is always to look at the fog log. Generally, it’s here: C:\fog.log If you can’t make sense of it, please post the last 200 or so lines here in a code-block so we can help. Of note: Any error codes that you find in the fog.log file are the actual error codes from what the FOG Client was doing - I.E. error codes from snapins are the error codes from the snapin, not the client. error codes from domain joining are from Windows, not the client. So you can Google these error codes yourself (it’s what we will do) to figure out what’s happening.

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