SOLVED What is storage node transferring to master server?

  • I currently have 3 FOG servers.

    ADM-FogServer - Master
    GDC-FogServer - Storage Node
    GTB-FogServer - Storage Node

    If you look at the image below. What is GTB-FogServer (storage node) sending to ADM-FogServer (master node) & is there any way to limit bandwidth or schedule this less? Our GDC-FogServer (storage node) does this as well to ADM-FogServer, same file size at random intervals.


  • @wayne-workman

    Thanks for the suggestions! I have tried adjusting settings and not sitting on the dashboard, but still our nodes are sending data to the master server and bringing everything else to a crawl. I setup a new storage node at another location and during storage replication it copied data over a 1Mbps as I had set. That is good, everything running as I expected. Once that is complete it starts acting like the others with random bursts which nearly brings some of the networks down. I tried adjusting sleep settings in FOG Configuration but that made no difference. It’s sending the same amount of data back to the main server as the others were, I’m just not sure what. In the last 2 hours it has sent 3.3GB to the master node with no one logged in to the web GUI or even in the office.

    This would be OK every few hours, but I am not sure what other settings to change or services to schedule.


  • @dylanderr

    • The storage nodes query the main server’s database for instruction whenever the storage node is asked by FOS or the FOG Client for instruction.
    • The main server asks the nodes for bandwidth information whenever anyone is using the FOG GUI Dashboard.
    • The master node of a storage group asks for the checksum of the last 10MB of all files in the image & snapin directories - once the storage nodes have the checksum locally, they send it to the master node that asked for it.
    • The main fog server asks the storage nodes for storage usage whenever anyone is using the FOG GUI Dashboard.
    • The main fog server asks the storage nodes for version information and kernel information when you visit the ‘FOG Configuration’ area in the web gui.

    Ways to limit this communication is to disable the graphs for those storage nodes - and increase your replication sleep time in the web gui -> FOG Configuration area. Another way is to avoid ‘sitting on the dashboard’.