Fog Printer Model not in ntprint.inf

  • I have a HP LaserJet P2015 Series PCL 5e printer that I need to push to a lot of hosts. Everything seems to be running smoothly, except that the printer’s aren’t being pushed to the hosts.

    The printer in question isn’t in c:\windows\inf\ntprint.inf and instead is located in c:\cab\HP LJP2015 PCL5

    So I moved hppcp504.inf to the samba server thinking I could reference this in ntprint.inf’s place but the service isn’t pushing the printer.

    I can ping the server, the firewalls are set up for file and printer sharing, and as far as I now FOG is configured properly. Any ideas?

    [CODE]Printer Model: HP LaserJet P2015 Series PCL 5e
    Printer Alias: Upper
    Printer Port: IP_10.0.0.11
    Print INF File: \\Guest Share\HP LJP2015 PCL5\hppcp504.inf
    Print IP (optional):[/CODE]

  • Okay, I think I might know where the problem lies. When I try to run cupsaddsmb to add the printer drivers to the Samba I get a “[I]NT_STATUS_UNSUCCESSFUL” [/I]error. I’m not sure where to go from here though. [I][/I]

  • I don’t know if this will help, but here are my config files.

    [CODE]$ testparm -s
    Load smb config files from /etc/samba/smb.conf
    rlimit_max: rlimit_max (1024) below minimum Windows limit (16384)
    Processing section “[share]”
    Processing section “[printers]”
    Processing section “[print$]”
    Loaded services file OK.
    Server role: ROLE_STANDALONE
    workgroup = [REDACTED]
    server string = [REDACTED]
    security = SHARE
    log level = 1
    syslog = 0
    log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m
    max log size = 1000
    printcap name = cups
    dns proxy = No
    wins support = Yes
    hosts allow = 10.0.0.

    comment = [REDACTED]
    path = /opt/fog/printerdrivers
    guest ok = Yes

    comment = [Printers]
    path = /var/spool/samba
    guest ok = Yes
    printable = Yes
    browseable = No
    browsable = No

    comment = [Drivers]
    path = /etc/samba/drivers
    write list = root, admin, @lpadmin
    guest ok = Yes[/CODE]

    [CODE]$ cat /etc/cups/cupsd.conf
    LogLevel warn
    MaxLogSize 0
    SystemGroup lpadmin sys root admin

    Allow remote access

    Port 631
    Listen /var/run/cups/cups.sock
    Allow from @LOCAL
    Browsing On
    BrowseOrder allow,deny
    BrowseAllow all
    BrowseRemoteProtocols CUPS
    BrowseAddress @LOCAL
    BrowseLocalProtocols CUPS dnssd
    DefaultAuthType Basic
    <Location />

    Allow remote administration…

    Order allow,deny
    Allow all
    <Location /printers>
    AuthType Basic
    AuthClass Anonymous
    Order Deny,Allow
    Allow all
    <Location /admin>
    AuthType Basic
    AuthClass Anonymous

    Allow remote administration…

    Order allow,deny
    Allow all
    <Location /admin/conf>
    AuthType Basic
    AuthClass Anonymous

    Allow remote access to the configuration files…

    Order allow,deny
    Allow all

    application/octet-stream application/vnd.cups-raw 0 -


    For now cups allows anyone to do any changes. I need it like this for now and will lock it down later.

    I also read that Model has to be the same as the INF file. I’m not entirely sure how to check that though.

  • Thank you for the response. Yes, the share is readable by everyone on all computers.

    I can go into the share and also see all the printers and add them one by one to all the computers, but that is very time consuming.

    When I try to install a printer manually, though it gives me a [QUOTE]The server for the printer does not have the correct printer driver installed[/QUOTE] error.

  • Moderator

    Is the share readable by everyone? I don’t think the FOG service, running as the local system account is going to be able to access the share any other way.